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Drive Resource Optimisation Confidently, Ensuring Minimal Disruption

Leverage our advanced visualisation technology to track asset usage, analyse flows of people and vehicles, and accurately predict impact scenarios. This critical insight empowers you to confidently handle complex situations and ensure minimal operational disruptions.

Our use cases

Infrastructure maintenance
Real-time occupancy
Insight Extraction

Extract critical movement patterns from media data

Analyse people dynamics and vehicle flow to reduce congestion, integrating various data modalities to provide a comprehensive view of spatial activities.

object tracking
Scenario Comparison

Evaluate scenarios by asset condition and availability

Construct models to reflect different asset conditions and assess their effectiveness using performance metrics such as downtime, cost, resource allocation, and carbon emissions, providing actionable insights to help stakeholders choose optimal scenarios under varying conditions.

Impact Visualisation

Visualise scenario impacts, easing prioritisation and resource management

Utilise visual tools like graphs, heatmaps, and 3D models to illustrate how different scenarios impact performance and resource usage. Use interactive dashboards for real-time variable manipulation, and highlight potential benefits and risks.

impact visualisation

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Moonbility’s intent to use advanced digital twin techniques to improve predictive maintenance to the benefit of train operating companies, passengers and decarbonisation could provide a template for the future use of data across the sector.

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Head of Rail Data Marketplace

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